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Let's Shake Hands is more than just a project; it's a global mission aimed at creating inclusive education accessible to every child. This project was born in response to the acute need for educational support during crisis moments like wars and pandemics. Unlike traditional educational systems, we offer a platform where education without borders becomes a reality. Thanks to collaboration with volunteers and investors worldwide, we provide children not just with knowledge, but also with the belief in their own strength. Open the doors for your children to a world where education is the key to the future.
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Our History and Evolution
The idea of the project belongs to Lepsky Ivan, a 15-year-old Ukrainian student based in the UK. In the wake of the war in Ukraine, millions of children found themselves in unfamiliar lands, struggling to adapt and continue their education. We began as a beacon of hope for these young souls, connecting them with volunteers dedicated to helping with school subjects. Our impact? Tens of thousands of young minds enlightened. Our initial success propelled our vision forward: from emergency educational support to a more permanent, global online educational platform.
Explore our global online educational platform now and help us make a difference in the lives of children in need. Visit our website to learn more about us and become a part of this important journey.
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Our Courses

Programming with Scratch

In this course, children will be introduced to the most popular programming language developed specifically for kids. Scratch is a visual language for block programming, where children don't need to write complex code but arrange colorful blocks representing code in a specific order. During the course, children will learn the basics of programming, create characters and decorations, add animations and melodies, and develop their own games.

Programming with micro:bit

During the course, children will enhance their knowledge of Scratch programming and get acquainted with the mBlock programming platform. mBlock is a block-based programming language based on Scratch. With mBlock, children can easily create games, animations, program robots, and boards. During the course, children will learn to program the micro:bit board, as well as the mBot robot.

Mobile App Development with App Inventor

In this course, children will learn about how Android mobile apps work and get acquainted with the fundamental concepts of mobile app development. App Inventor is a programming environment that uses a visual block-based programming language to make the process of creating programs and games accessible to children. Over the course of a year, children will learn to program fully functional apps and games for smartphones and tablets.

Programming with Minecraft

In this course, children will explore another side of the game that has captured millions of children worldwide. Students will learn about Minecraft Education and the MakeCode coding environment. They will learn the fundamental concepts of programming: events, commands, functions, structures, and how they are used in programming. They will also understand the process of game creation and will create their own game using built-in Minecraft Education objects.

Programming with Roblox

During the course, children will familiarize themselves with the Roblox Studio platform, through which they will learn to program their own games using the Lua programming language. They will learn the basic concepts of programming, such as loops, functions, events, variables, and logical constructs. With Roblox, children will learn skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

Web Development

The course will introduce students to HTML and CSS - the building blocks of any web page. During the course, using HTML and CSS, children will develop their own website with integrated videos, animations, effects, and various fonts. Additionally, they will learn and work with the Bootstrap framework, through which they will also create a mobile version of their website.

JavaScript Programming

During the course, students will become familiar with the structure and syntax of JavaScript, explore data types, variables, and constants used in JavaScript. They will work on a series of tasks that will demonstrate the language's capabilities and their practical application, and also get acquainted with jQuery - one of the most popular libraries used in JavaScript.

Programming with ReactJS

The course will introduce students to ReactJS - the most popular and widely used JavaScript library. With ReactJS, you can create dynamic and interactive web pages and applications. The course is designed for students familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript who want to improve their skills and knowledge.

Ukrainian Studies

The course will help students to learn the history of Ukraine, immerse themselves in the world of Ukrainian art and music, understand their significance in our culture, delve into the world of Ukrainian literature, become acquainted with scientific achievements and innovations that have emerged in Ukraine, and explore the legal system of Ukraine.

English for Children aged 6-10 (Level A1)

The course "English for Children aged 6-10 (Level A1)" is designed to introduce young learners, aged 6 to 10, to the basics of English language learning at Level A1 proficiency. It covers fundamental vocabulary and grammar topics suitable for beginners, focusing on school subjects, daily routines, family, hobbies, and more. Through engaging lessons and activities, children will develop essential language skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English.

English Language: "Morphology" for senior schoolchildren.

This course covers each part of speech: how and when they are used and what role they play in sentences.

Modal Verbs in English and Their Features

A course for beginners. The course will familiarize students with the meaning of modal verbs, negative forms of verbs.

Tenses in English Language

The course helps students understand the tenses in the English language, learn to distinguish them, and use them correctly. Students will grasp the rules of forming tense forms and learn to automatically identify which group a particular situation belongs to.

History of Ukraine

The history of Ukraine course comprises 27 topics, covering the history of Ukraine from the settlement of the territory to contemporary events.

Short course of Ukrainian literature

The course will help trace the history of the development of the art of words from folklore and the first written records to modern Ukrainian literature, master basic theoretical and literary concepts, and develop skills in analyzing literary works.

Conversational English for Teens

A course for teenagers (C1 level) aimed at developing conversational English. The course tasks include expanding vocabulary, improving pronunciation, and developing listening skills.

Law Course for Children

The course will introduce students to the current state of Ukrainian legislation, the rights that every person has, and how to protect them.

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