Programming with Scratch

In this course, children will be introduced to the most popular programming language developed specifically for kids. Scratch is a visual language for block programming, where children don't need to write complex code but arrange colorful blocks representing code in a specific order. During the course, children will learn the basics of programming, create characters and decorations, add animations and melodies, and develop their own games.

Module 1

  • Getting Started with Scratch
  • Creating new costumes, scenes, and events
  • Operators and conditional checks in Scratch
  • Sensing and sounds in Scratch
  • Lab Work 1

Module 2

  • Drawing with Scratch
  • Drawing shapes
  • Drawing complex shapes. Part 1
  • Drawing complex shapes. Part 2
  • Lab Work 2

Module 3

  • Creating a sprite-based game "Hedgehog and Apples"
  • Creating a sprite-based game "Beach Balls"
  • Creating a sprite-based game "Snowman"
  • Creating sprite games Pong and Star Hunter
  • Lab Work 3

Module 5

  • Creating a timer and lives game Flappy Cat
  • Creating a two-player ping-pong game
  • Creating a levels and lives game Fruit Ninja
  • Creating a levels, lives, and two-player game Space Jam
  • Lab Work 5Preparing for the Code Challenge
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