Mobile App Development with App Inventor

In this course, children will learn about how Android mobile apps work and get acquainted with the fundamental concepts of mobile app development. App Inventor is a programming environment that uses a visual block-based programming language to make the process of creating programs and games accessible to children. Over the course of a year, children will learn to program fully functional apps and games for smartphones and tablets.

Module 1

  • Introduction to App Inventor, creating the first program
  • Program design
  • Working with blocks
  • Creating the PaintPot drawing app
  • Module 1 Lesson 5 Lab work #1

Module 2

  • Creating the "Access Control" app
  • Creating the Magic 8-Ball and KyivMapTour apps
  • Creating a music instrument app
  • Creating the Trivia app
  • Lab work #2

Module 3

  • Creating the Mole Mash game
  • Creating the Snake game
  • Creating the Pong game
  • Creating the Space Invaders game
  • Lab work #3

Module 4

  • Creating an event organizer app
  • Creating an event app with a database
  • Creating a to-do list app
  • Creating an educational planner app
  • Lab work #4

Module 5

  • Creating a bowling game with score tracking
  • Creating a bowling game with final scores
  • Adding reward functionality
  • Managing rewards functionality
  • Lab work #5
  • Preparing for the Code Challenge
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