Programming with micro:bit

During the course, children will enhance their knowledge of Scratch programming and get acquainted with the mBlock programming platform. mBlock is a block-based programming language based on Scratch. With mBlock, children can easily create games, animations, program robots, and boards. During the course, children will learn to program the micro:bit board, as well as the mBot robot.

Module 1

  • Introduction to the mBlock platform
  • Event Handling
  • Conditional and Mathematical Operators
  • Creating the Final Rating

Module 2

  • Introduction to the micro:bit board
  • Working with Input Data and Creating Musical Melodies
  • Logical Operators and Variables in micro:bit
  • Working with Loops and Accelerometer

Module 3

  • Introduction to the real board
  • Creating a virtual pet
  • Connection with the micro:bit board
  • Connection with the micro:bit board. Exercise

Module 4

  • Creating an alarm clock, pedometer, and compass
  • Creating the "Hot Potato" game
  • Creating the "Catch the Dot" game
  • Creating the "Guess the Word" game
  • Lab work No. 4
  • Creating a Pong game
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