Programming with Minecraft

In this course, children will explore another side of the game that has captured millions of children worldwide. Students will learn about Minecraft Education and the MakeCode coding environment. They will learn the fundamental concepts of programming: events, commands, functions, structures, and how they are used in programming. They will also understand the process of game creation and will create their own game using built-in Minecraft Education objects.

Module 1

  • Introduction to Minecraft Education. Creating code and events
  • Coordinates and positions
  • Orientation by coordinates. Creating 2D images and buildings
  • Creating 3D buildings
  • Lab work #1

Module 2

  • Introduction to the Agent and applying loops. Repeated actions
  • Inventory and building blocks with the Agent
  • Building complex shapes using the Agent. Working with variables
  • Applying variables when working with positions
  • Lab work #2

Module 3

  • Conditional structures
  • Conditional structures and game mode
  • Conditional structures and working with the Agent
  • Conditional structures. Branching commands
  • Lab work #3

Module 4

  • Functions
  • More complex operations with functions
  • Applying functions when working with the Agent
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