Programming with Roblox

During the course, children will familiarize themselves with the Roblox Studio platform, through which they will learn to program their own games using the Lua programming language. They will learn the basic concepts of programming, such as loops, functions, events, variables, and logical constructs. With Roblox, children will learn skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

Module 1

  • Introduction to Roblox Studio
  • Lesson 2 Creating, editing, and placing objects
  • Lesson 3 Creating and editing landscapes
  • Lesson 4 Game types. Creating a game field
  • Lab work #1

Module 2

  • Objects and obstacles in the game. First scenario
  • Conditional constructs. Destroying blocks
  • Adding and saving checkpoints. Speed blocks
  • Creating a complete game with obstacles
  • Lab work #2

Module 4

  • Creating a physical game. Adding effects
  • Creating a physical game. Adding effects
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