Programming with ReactJS

The course will introduce students to ReactJS - the most popular and widely used JavaScript library. With ReactJS, you can create dynamic and interactive web pages and applications. The course is designed for students familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript who want to improve their skills and knowledge.

Module 1

  • Web programming and the role of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • JavaScript variables, conditions, and loops
  • JavaScript arrays, objects, events
  • Introduction to ReactJS
  • Syntax and components in React

Module 2

  • Creating components. Import and export
  • Interaction between components. Component props
  • Destructuring. Conditional constructs application
  • Lesson 4 Adding styles. Types and application
  • Lesson 5 Practical tasks

Module 3

  • Events and adding interactivity
  • Working with events and event handling
  • Applying the state object when working with input fields and forms
  • Applying the state object when working with objects and arrays
  • Practical tasks

Module 4

  • Creating an image slider
  • Creating an expense tracker application
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